Beginning Anew

If there is one thing I am learning through this moving process, it is the way I used to do things is not moving with me!

For example, I was somewhat diligent in tidying up. Floors swept, counters wiped off, toys picked up. That was the way I cleaned. Moving all our stuff out has revealed that method wasn’t even close to being good enough.  I am amazed and disgusted at the-what I would consider-filth that was lurking and hiding in the corners and behind stuff. We moved the refrigerator yesterday and I was horrified at the floor beneath. I mop at least once a week, but rarely pulled out the fridge to mop underneath. Disgusting, to say the least.

I borrowed an ebook from the Amazon Prime Kindle Reading Library entitled 31 Days to a Clean and Organized Home and really like some of the tips and advice offered there. The key is to do 25-45 minutes of cleaning in one room per day in addition to the daily maintenance cleaning (wiping counters, picking up toys, etc). The Blessed Hope home is so lovely I simply refuse to allow it to get as bad as the old home. Something else I intend to implement is not keeping things which I no longer use. At the old home, we had an attic and a junk room. There should never be a junk room, folks! I found things in there that I thought, “Oh yeah, I remember this. I like it.” BUT, it went in the trash or donation box anyway because, honestly, it had been in the junk room for who knows how long and I never missed it, therefore, I don’t need it!

Another small but important change is I am determined to be more thoughtful when it comes to shopping for groceries. Some of you know what I mean. I’m going to give meal planning an honest try. While I tend to be willy-nilly about most things, I am actually most comfortable when I have a plan. I am finding the best method of meal planning-for me-is the “Day of the Week” method. For example, Mondays are Mexican, Tuesdays Italian, etc. There is a sense of relief that comes with having a plan come dinner time and when shopping I have a list that extends beyond the staples and I actually come home with meals instead of a bunch of ingredients that I later have to throw together in hopes of creating something quick and edible. Plans are good. Being deliberate is good.

This is basic stuff folks, I know, but I lived with cobwebs in my head for so long that it feels wonderful to do some fall cleaning-physically, mentally and spiritually.

This really is a new beginning for all of us. Hubs and I have gone through several rough patches, the worst being recent. The Lord has answered prayer and we have worked through it….the three of us.  Beauty has been pulled from public school and will begin anew with home schooling. Buck, too, will begin his “formal” home schooling in the next few days. The kids will also be assigned responsibilities, or chores, to help keep our new home peaceful and organized.

Well, enough for now. I have so much left to do at the old house I must get at it. Pics of the new house will be up as soon as I am settled and find the time.



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