A Short Walk Around the Barnyard

Foghorn Leghorn

Foghorn Leghorn (Cockerel)-app. 8 months; look at the waddles!


Polish Cochin Frizzle

Polish-Cochin Frizzle-she’s a sweetie


Barred Rock Roo

Barred Rock Cockerel-another sweet tempered fella (so far). Directly behind him is a Bielfelder hen. The white is a Brahma hen and in far background is a Comet and a New Hampshire Red.


Rose-comb Brown Leghorn cockerel appr. 8 months. Gorgeous isn’t he?

Lavender Orp

Orpington pullet. Her parents are both jet black Orpingtons, so one of them must have a blue gene somewhere down the line. As far as we know, she isn’t laying yet. The black head on the left is her sister (hatched same time, same parents)


Here is the daddy of the two pictured above. Black Orpington, “Lord Byron”. He is very sweet and gentle (like a poet) yet he is the alpha roo in the main chicken house. He is very good at his job and all the hens and roosters alike respect him.

The “teenagers”, meaning the chicks we hatched this summer, have been “growing out” in pens in the barn. Today we decided to open the doors and let them into the yard for the first time. Because they have been enclosed or penned their entire lives, it took quite a bit of persuading to get them to come out. Most of them never ventured outside the barn! Some would leave their pen only to dart into the next pen. They will get used to it though.

We are expanding, sorta 🐤


We have plans to extend our services beyond supplying fresh eggs to local individuals. Today I was blessed to strike a verbal agreement with the owner of a mom and pop bulk food store in Mercer County. If you are from around here, perhaps you have heard of Kountry Kupboard.

Before Buck was born, I worked at the deli/country general store for two years. Flo, the owner, is a wonderful Christian man and I am happy we are going to be helping each other out this way.

So what does this mean for you, the customer? Nothing really. Most of our egg customers have been with us from the beginning and come back for more every few weeks. WE THANK YOU!!! Although egg production has dropped off considerably lately, and will likely remain so throughout the winter, you have stuck with us. We appreciate your understanding and your business. Most of you I consider dear friends. So….our individual customers will continue to get “first dibbs” on the fresh eggs. Part of my understanding with Flo is he will purchase any extras or surplus we may have.  I am quite excited and grateful for this little expansion.

In other news, we continue to plan to extend our services this spring by supplying locals with chicks and young pullets and cockerels. We have several different breeds from which buyers can choose. We have one fellow first in line for some Barred Rock chicks as soon as we can hatch them. As I said, we will likely begin this expansion in the spring as I do not want to worry about babies during the winter months.

Now on for our THIRD bit of news: we are now offering homemade pies for sale. As of now, the selection is limited to Cushaw and Pumpkin Pies. Just in time for the holidays! These are also limited ONLY to FRIENDS and CLOSE ACQUAINTANCES until I can obtain my state license to sell baked goods. Once I have my license, the selection of choices will expand as well as my demographic. Later this week I will post pictures and information on my baked-to-order pies that will be available for Thanksgiving and Christmas. These pies are made with pumpkins and cushaws we grew right here this year.

Thank you again to our regular egg customers and for all our readers from else where. We covet your prayers as we journey through our homesteading adventure!

Blessings and Maranatha,



Asperger Experts

Founded by two young men who have Asperger, Asperger Experts seeks to help families struggling with a loved one who faces the scary world of Asperger. Now, Beauty has not been diagnosed with Asperger or any form of Autism. I’ve had two teams of “experts” vehemently declare she is not autistic in any form. However, she does struggle with many of the same challenges and characteristics.

To say we have struggled with motivating her to do most ANYTHING other than what she considers fun and “safe” would be an understatement. We have trouble getting her to dress properly, wash her hair, fix her hair, brush her teeth, do school work, reading aloud, writing, keeping her hands to herself, following directions…the list goes on and on.

I signed up for Asperger Experts’ FREE webinar, which I hope gives me the answers we’ve been seeking for YEARS but have not gotten because she is not considered autistic. Seriously folks, she gets speech therapy at the public school but beyond that we’ve been told everything is the result of her “MR” diagnosis (mental retardation, unspecified, and YES they use that term) and so “good luck with that”. Honestly, it is as if you show the slightest bit of intelligence to these so-called experts they automatically assume you got it covered and don’t really need their help.

Anyway, check out their site. I am super excited about the webinar and am praying earnestly that we learn some effective skills to help motivate Beauty and help her blossom.

Budget Pantry Addition and More Harvesting

You can fill your pantry on a budget! I was able to add to the frozen section of my pantry this week by nabbing some good deals at Aldis.

They had two heads of broccoli, two pounds of carrots and a bag of seven or so red onions for .99 a piece.


I chopped them all up and tossed them in the freezer. They are ready to be tossed in soups and stews this winter.


See the chopper in the picture above? Found it at a yard sale this summer for $3, and it comes with several attachment/slicer sizes. Only $3 gave me two quarts each of broccoli, carrots and onions.

Aldis also had a large package of chicken legs on sale for .99/pound. I nabbed that to fry some this week and freeze the rest. (I know, we have all these chickens yet I still buy chicken to eat. Hubs is dealing with his sentimental tendencies.)

The most budget friendly way to stock your pantry, though, is to grow it yourself! We finished harvesting all but the sweet potatoes left in the garden.


2 zucchini, 12 pumpkins, 6 cushaw and 4 watermelons. Everything but the watermelon will be canned or frozen. The scraps will be enjoyed by the chickens.

Do you have a pantry?  What are your tricks and tips to filling it?

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Because the Angels are Watching

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Christopher Love (1618-1651), A Treatise of the Angels, on a reason for the headcovering:

Alexandre Couder - Woman Kneeling in Prayer - Walters 371369“Eighth, the angels are present with us, beholding us in our church assemblies when we come to worship before God. When you are in the worship and service of God, the angels are with you, beholding you, though you see them not. This is hinted at in 1 Cor. 11:10 ‘For this cause ought the woman to have power on her head, because of the angels.” Some refer these words to ministers, who are elsewhere called angels, but we may understand it of the angels themselves because they delight in the things of the gospel. Here the apostle speaks of women not coming into church without covering. Why? Because of the angels, not the ministers. It is meant of the angels of heaven, and therein the women are to take heed how they come into the…

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