Asperger Experts

Founded by two young men who have Asperger, Asperger Experts seeks to help families struggling with a loved one who faces the scary world of Asperger. Now, Beauty has not been diagnosed with Asperger or any form of Autism. I’ve had two teams of “experts” vehemently declare she is not autistic in any form. However, she does struggle with many of the same challenges and characteristics.

To say we have struggled with motivating her to do most ANYTHING other than what she considers fun and “safe” would be an understatement. We have trouble getting her to dress properly, wash her hair, fix her hair, brush her teeth, do school work, reading aloud, writing, keeping her hands to herself, following directions…the list goes on and on.

I signed up for Asperger Experts’ FREE webinar, which I hope gives me the answers we’ve been seeking for YEARS but have not gotten because she is not considered autistic. Seriously folks, she gets speech therapy at the public school but beyond that we’ve been told everything is the result of her “MR” diagnosis (mental retardation, unspecified, and YES they use that term) and so “good luck with that”. Honestly, it is as if you show the slightest bit of intelligence to these so-called experts they automatically assume you got it covered and don’t really need their help.

Anyway, check out their site. I am super excited about the webinar and am praying earnestly that we learn some effective skills to help motivate Beauty and help her blossom.

Budget Pantry Addition and More Harvesting

You can fill your pantry on a budget! I was able to add to the frozen section of my pantry this week by nabbing some good deals at Aldis.

They had two heads of broccoli, two pounds of carrots and a bag of seven or so red onions for .99 a piece.


I chopped them all up and tossed them in the freezer. They are ready to be tossed in soups and stews this winter.


See the chopper in the picture above? Found it at a yard sale this summer for $3, and it comes with several attachment/slicer sizes. Only $3 gave me two quarts each of broccoli, carrots and onions.

Aldis also had a large package of chicken legs on sale for .99/pound. I nabbed that to fry some this week and freeze the rest. (I know, we have all these chickens yet I still buy chicken to eat. Hubs is dealing with his sentimental tendencies.)

The most budget friendly way to stock your pantry, though, is to grow it yourself! We finished harvesting all but the sweet potatoes left in the garden.


2 zucchini, 12 pumpkins, 6 cushaw and 4 watermelons. Everything but the watermelon will be canned or frozen. The scraps will be enjoyed by the chickens.

Do you have a pantry?  What are your tricks and tips to filling it?

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Because the Angels are Watching

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Christopher Love (1618-1651), A Treatise of the Angels, on a reason for the headcovering:

Alexandre Couder - Woman Kneeling in Prayer - Walters 371369“Eighth, the angels are present with us, beholding us in our church assemblies when we come to worship before God. When you are in the worship and service of God, the angels are with you, beholding you, though you see them not. This is hinted at in 1 Cor. 11:10 ‘For this cause ought the woman to have power on her head, because of the angels.” Some refer these words to ministers, who are elsewhere called angels, but we may understand it of the angels themselves because they delight in the things of the gospel. Here the apostle speaks of women not coming into church without covering. Why? Because of the angels, not the ministers. It is meant of the angels of heaven, and therein the women are to take heed how they come into the…

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Marriage, Worldview and Kim Davis Part One

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Kim Davis. Just the mention of this lady’s name continues to spark heated discussion and controversy. Is she a self-righteous bigot, or was she placed in position of Rowan County, Ky, county clerk for such a time as this? I have managed to refrain from sharing any sort of opinion regarding whether I agree with my fellow Christian Kentuckian on social media, and I will not give one here either. This is mainly because I do not know the lady. I do not know her motives. I do not know why she chose to remain in a position to refuse all marriage licenses-she had to know full well the trouble it would cause her-instead of just resigning or allowing her deputies to issue the licenses. I know none of this. I DO know while a lot of people support her, just as many-if not more-hate her. I use the word hate because that is typically the emotion felt when one calls another a bigot. And Kim Davis has been called that a lot in recent days, even by so-called professing Christians. I do not know the particulars and hidden nuances of her case so I will not focus any more of this article on her except to say that her case is the inspiration for this writing.

Since “Kim Davis mania” is every where I look right now, I can’t help but think about the real issue behind it all: worldview.

Worldview is simply the way in which someone interprets and explains the world around them; and everybody has one. I would like to say that Christians have a Biblical Worldview, but that isn’t always the case. There are many who claim to be Christian who express a worldview that is far from what the Bible teaches. I am seeing this more and more each day, and it breaks my heart.

A Biblical Worldview is one in which a person regards the Holy Bible as God’s inerrant Word. It is the final authority on all matters and takes precedent over secular explanations of how the world began, why mankind does what it does, the purpose of life, what happens after death etc. etc.

The gay marriage and Kim Davis controversy is more easily understood when one considers the worldviews involved.

My perusing of the comments about Ms. Davis on Facebook revealed plenty about the worldview of those who call her a bigot, idiot, hypocrite and other slanderous names. To these folks, Ms. Davis did not do her job and deserves to be either jailed or fired or both. Homosexuals deserve all the rights and benefits afforded married folks, the Supreme Court said so, and to think otherwise is akin to being racist and judgmental, full of hate and self-righteousness. Marriage is simply a legal document binding two people who love each other and allows them certain “rights” thus associated with married people, such as being next-of-kin, family insurance, tax benefits etc. For Ms. Davis, or anyone, to deny homosexuals these benefits is discriminatory at best and hateful at worst. It would be safe to say these people have a Humanist Worldview and “tolerance” is their mantra. Funny thing is, this “tolerance” extends to everyone but those who express a Biblical Worldview.

Next among the Facebook commentators are those who are comfortable straddling the fence. They fall somewhere in the middle between a purely humanistic worldview and a Biblical worldview. They profess to be followers of Jesus but often times they regard the Bible as a guideline rather than the living, ever relevant Word of God. I have many Facebook friends who openly admit this. If one were to read their Facebook timelines, one would think God is one who changes with the times. For these people, community outreach and service are key. Don’t get me wrong, these are good things, but the liberal Christian’s focus on tolerance and acceptance (what they call grace) often overrides any call to holiness. They are the “judge not” crowd who says he without sin cast the first stone and completely ignores Jesus’s instruction to “go and sin NO MORE”. Many, though certainly not all, could fall under the description given by Paul as those who have a form of godliness but deny the power thereof. They may also be among those who ask Jesus, “Lord, didn’t we” do this that and the other in “Your name” and to whom Jesus will say “Depart from me, I never knew you”. They may have good intentions and sincere love for their fellow man, but their compromise with those things of the world which God hates, leaves them lacking and deceived. These people regard Kim Davis as a blight on Christianity. They resent her calling homosexuality an abomination before God, because that is being judgmental and intolerant. In short, they follow a watered-down, tickle-your-ears gospel.

There may be other variations of worldview stuck in the middle somewhere, but I will move on to the Biblical Worldview. This group of people are often derided and ridiculed by the first two worldviews. Their dedication of the literal, complete Word of God as manifested in the Bible makes them the center of many jokes and slanderous accusations. This group understands that God is love and perfectly expressed that love by becoming flesh, dwelling among and then dying for mankind (who is sinful by nature and thus in need of a Savior because sin leads to eternal death). They believe He arose from the dead on the third day, claiming victory over death, and thus giving life to all who follow Him and accept His plan of salvation. This group also believes, though, that the Bible teaches God is Holy and Just. They take literally the call to holiness, understanding righteousness can only be obtained through Jesus, but also that those who love Him, obey Him. They believe God when He lists those behaviors which are wicked in His sight as well as those which He finds pleasing. They consider the Bible as God’s authoritative Word on matters of life and death and know that He does not change. What was an abomination 2000 years ago remains so today. They realize the spiritual battle happening all around them and take on His full armor.

In Part Two I will explain my personal interpretation of marriage, which I consider to be that of a purely Biblical worldview. Perhaps this will shed some light on our thoughts and help the other worldviews understand we are not hateful bigots.

Coming Soon to Youtube

We’ve decided to give you a peek inside our everyday life here at the homestead. We’ve posted videos before, established our Youtube Channel some time ago, but never really went anywhere with it. Life got in the way. Buck is such a ham, though, and loves watching other families on Youtube so I agreed to give a glimpse of our real life. It isn’t always going to be pretty-in fact it may rarely be-but we are just going to keep it real, as they say.

Yes, I am an outspoken Christian who is looking for our “blessed Hope”-the return of Jesus-but we are not perfect. You will soon see that. :)

I hope you will subscribe and visit us often.

Either way, Maranatha!