Top Ten Reasons Why I Stopped Bathing

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  1. I was made to bathe as a child
  2. People who bathe are hypocrites – they think they’re cleaner than other people
  3. There are so many different kinds of soap, I could never decide which one was right
  4. I used to bathe, but it got boring, so I stopped
  5. I still bathe on special occasions, like Christmas and Easter
  6. None of my friends bath
  7. I’m still young. When I’m older and have got a bit dirtier, I might start bathing
  8. I really don’t have time
  9. The bathroom’s never warm enough or sometimes it’s too cold
  10. People who make soap are only after your money

The ONE THING for today: Quit your whining, get up, (bathe & dress), and go to church! ;)

Psalm 122:1 (NKJV)

The Joy of Going to the House of the Lord

A Song of Ascents. Of David.

I was glad when they said to me,
“Let us go into…

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Harney County Sheriff David Ward Throws Out Reporter for Asking About Constitution – Freedom Outpost

Serve Him in the Waiting

It is really bad when the sheriff and the citizens are booing the guy standing up for the constitution, and having him removed.  The reporter who was removed is Pete Santilli.  This blows my mind!–S.T. Lloyd

Harney County Sheriff David Ward, who has shown himself to be an unconstitutional sheriff, is responsible for removing a reporter from an open assembly in Oregon for simply asking a question about the Constitution. Ward, unable and unwilling to actually deal with the constitutionality of the situation surrounding the Hammond Ranch, the Bureau of Land Management or those who are protesting offered hollow words to the crowd gathered.

Read the article:  Harney County Sheriff David Ward Throws Out Reporter for Asking About Constitution – Freedom Outpost

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Winter Arrives

With a whimper, but it is here all the same.

Finally received our first skiff of snow of the season. As you can see in the pic, the barnyard is empty. The chickens aren’t sure they like that white stuff.