Rice Pilaf Recipe – The Secret to Light, Fluffy and Flavorful Rice


I need to try this because my rice has always been an epic FAIL!

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What exactly is rice pilaf? It is actually a rice dish in which the rice is lightly browned in oil or butter before it is cooked in a broth – most often with vegetables and sometimes with meat or poultry. There are several hundred ways to prepare this staple, but the key is to end up with light and fluffy rice that has an excellent flavor throughout every bite.

Typically it is made with white rice – and sometimes with jasmine or basmati rice. In our house, we prefer to use brown rice in our recipes because it has a slightly lower calorie and higher fiber count than long grain white rice. However, brown rice does taste a little bit nuttier when cooked, so I was worried when I went to make rice pilaf using our traditional long grain brown rice.

After much concern, it turned out perfect! The flavor was outstanding…

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Out with the old and in with the NEW

Hat tip to Gary Followell for the beautiful picture.

Hat tip to Gary Followell for the beautiful picture.

What I am about to write may surprise some of you; especially if you know what this site is about, which is Jesus and awaiting His return. Anyway, just a cursory glance at this site would give you the clue that I am a Christian. Well, guess what:

I recommitted and was re-baptized on Sunday!

Why? Was I uncertain of my salvation? Not really. As usual, it’s complicated.

The short version is: it is between Jesus and me. He knows the stirrings I’ve had of late and how I am sure they were from Him. Those of you who know my position on the headcovering and how I came about that conclusion should know that I don’t do anything on a whim. Lots of time is spent praying, studying and reflecting. This is no different.

The longer version:

I repented, confessed and was baptized when I was eleven. I was raised in a Christian home from a long line of preachers and elders. My cousins and church friends were being baptized. I remember feeling embarrassed when they went forward and I didn’t, so I told my dad on the way to the baptism that I too wanted to be baptized. When he asked me the questions about believing in Jesus, who He is, what He did etc I answered truthfully. My eleven year old self believed what my mind could comprehend at the time. Mostly though, looking back, what I truly believed was: the adults in my life were telling me the truth. I had no reason to doubt them. My guess is, this is true for so many who become Christians at a young age.

I’m not saying that baptism and commitment to Jesus by youngsters is invalid. I’m not saying only adults can make such decisions.

What I am saying is, I wanted to repent, confess and be buried with Him in baptism as an adult who has lived a little while and fully understands what she is doing. I am no longer taking my parents’ word for it! I know that I know that I know that Jesus is Lord and tonight, when I rose out of that watery grave, I arose a new person. Throwing off the old and putting on the new.

I commit myself to Him and His work. Casting my cares upon Him, I commit to taking up my cross and dying to self so I may have abundant life in Him.

The Perfect Way To Boil An Egg – Yes, Even Farm Fresh Eggs


This is pretty much my method too only I put the eggs in before it boils. I let it boil for at least 15 minutes then immediately submerge in ice water. When peeling, I “smash” or gently break the rounded end of the egg to break the shell then peel. Worked perfectly yesterday morning on eggs that were about a week old.

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Yes, we are really providing a ‘recipe’ on how to boil eggs.  Every week we get at least one question on how to make them so that they can be easily peeled and have a solid, firm yolk.

Most people add the eggs to the water before boiling - we do just the opposite Most people add the eggs to the water before boiling – we do just the opposite

We remove the eggs and place them directly into a colander for the ease of transporting them to the ice water bath. We remove the eggs and place them directly into a colander for the ease of transporting them to the ice water bath.

It doesn't appear like it, but the eggs are actually submerged under the water. It doesn’t appear like it, but the eggs are actually submerged under the water.

After the eggs have completely cooled, peeling them becomes quick and easy. After the eggs have completely cooled, peeling them becomes quick and easy.

A smooth hard boiled egg. A smooth hard boiled egg.

Save your egg shells to use in your compost or use to add next to your tomato plants in the garden. Save your egg shells to use in your compost or use to add next to your tomato plants in the garden.

There are several ‘ways’ to boil eggs – just ask anyone that you know and they will all give you their method…

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Great Songs of the Church-Low in the Grave He lay (He Arose!)

One of the best loved hymns for Resurrection Day, it was written by Robert Lowry in 1874.

1 Low in the grave He lay—
  Jesus my Savior!
Waiting the coming day—
  Jesus my Lord!

Up from the grave He arose,
With a mighty triumph o’er His foes
He arose a Victor from the dark domain,
And He lives forever with His saints to reign.
He arose! He arose!
  Hallelujah! Christ arose!

2 Vainly they watch His bed—
  Jesus, my Savior!
Vainly they seal the dead—
  Jesus my Lord!

3 Death cannot keep his prey—
  Jesus, my Savior!
He tore the bars away—
  Jesus my Lord!     
lyrics from hymnal.net

He is risen indeed! Hallelujah!!

It’s Chick Season

With the Easter season comes baby chicks. Lots and lots of cute baby chicks! Just please remember, that baby chick is a commitment, not a toy for an Easter basket.

Anyway, we’ve added several chicks to our flock this spring. We have Rocks, Welsummers, Leghorns, a black breed yet to be determined and I forget what else. :) We also have some bantams for the first time! Bantams do not get very big and can be a variety of breeds. We know for sure we have some bantam cochins among our littles, and cannot wait to figure out the breeds of the other cute chicks.

chicks chatting

Blessed Hope Homestead

See the bantam on the right? So cute!

In other news, Joey has a groupy!

He was just standing in the coop when an orpington hen decided his shoulder looked like a good place to roost.

joeyorp       joeyorp2 Here she is trying to give him a peck on the cheek! What can I say? He has a way with blondes ;)

Dying Easter Eggs with Shaving Cream

The internet is full of fun ways to decorate your eggs for Easter and this is one of them.

Take a pan-we used a disposable aluminum casserole pan- and squirt about an inch worth of shaving cream inside, making sure it is smoothed out evenly. Add a few drops of food coloring. The kids chose two colors each because we thought more than that would end up bleeding together and making an ugly brown. Use a toothpick to swirl each color independently. Roll the egg in the mixture until fully covered in the colored, swirly shaving cream. Set aside and allow to “dry” for several minutes. When you think it has sat long enough, wipe away the shaving cream with a paper towel and voila! Beautiful marbled Easter eggs!

*Note, the food coloring WILL dye little (and big) hands so wear gloves if you want to avoid that. Also be careful of getting it on clothing. **Note, I blew out the eggs before decorating. I recommend this if you want to keep them long-term. Otherwise, hard boil them.

dying eggs dying eggs 2 Dot the shaving cream with food coloring

dying eggs 3 dying eggs 4Roll the egg in the cream, making sure to get both colors

dyed eggs in basketA nice marbled, tie-dyed effect

The kids and I really enjoyed this process and the finished product. What’s your favorite way to dye eggs?

It’s Time to Take a Stand!

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This is a story of two homeowners and their two different outlooks on life.

The first homeowner lived in a neighborhood that was quite old and had seen generations pass in and out of the homes. While they once stood together in newness and promise, each governed by the agreed-upon neighborhood covenants to keep the neighborhood looking nice to maintain their value, times had changed. Decade upon decade of wear and tear and neglect had taken it’s toll.

The neighborhood covenants had been long since forgotten, or not even really known, by the majority of those who lived in the neighborhood. And as a result, the neighborhood deteriorated.

The first homeowner was living in a house that had been handed down for several generations. He knew intimately the neighborhood covenants that governed the neighborhood and he burned with anger how his neighbors were either ignorant, or intentionally neglectful, of the…

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One of the greatest hindrances to the salvation…

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One of the greatest hindrances to the salvation of some men is not their badness, but their goodness. Jesus declared, blessed are the poor in spirit. The word for poor literally means bankrupt, destitute. It is the same word used to describe Lazarus the beggar, who was absolutely dependent on other’s kindness for his survival. So then, what is Jesus saying? Jesus is telling us that we must learn to see ourselves as we really are, not against the backdrop of other people but against the backdrop of what God created us to be. Instead of thinking, “I’m not so bad” and reasoning that is good enough, we should see ourselves as totally inadequate having nothing to offer God but our spiritual beggarliness. Only then are we ready to throw ourselves upon God’s mercy. Perhaps it would help to remember that God created us to do good, not evil. When…

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Waiting for the Revealing of the Sons and Daughters of God

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Rom 8:19
(19) For the earnest expectation of the creation eagerly waits for the revealing of the sons of God.

I saw a vision this morning where I saw a crowd gathered in front of a stage. They were eagerly watching those on the stage. As they watched, the people on the stage, one by one, removed the masks that they were waring exposing their true nature and identity. The crowd would groan in disappointment because their hopes had been dashed. However, there were others, not on the stage, in and among the crowd who did not have masks on. These the crowd slowly but surely began to take note of. I think it’s worthy of note to say that these were not on a stage and therefore not looking for recognition. I believe that this is a call to examine our hearts and allow the Holy Spirit to examine…

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